The Best of ESOMAR-Hong Kong’s own Talent. 

Please join us at the next MRSHK event on Wednesday 18th September 2019 from 6 to 8pm at The Hub in Wanchai.

We will have 2 key presentations from the 2019 ESOMAR APAC Conference held in Macau, and showcasing Hong Kong’s own talent:

Rupam Borthakur, CEO, Kantar Insights. Mannon Wong, Senior Business Intelligence & Analytics Manager, Ocean Park Corp. Roland Leung, Managing Director, Datality Lab.

Rupam Borthakur. CEO, Kantar Insights.
Rupam is a passionate consumer insight professional. Consumer understanding and translating insights to address client issues is at the heart of his day to day conversations with business owners and colleagues.

Rupam will be presenting his paper Unspeakable Truths. Neuro science and artificial intelligence enable better identification of the emotions conveyed by advertising. Ads which trigger ANY emotion work better than those that don’t. Ads which trigger the RIGHT emotion work even better. A problem, however, has always been detecting unspoken feelings; the real kinds of emotion that an ad generates.

Mannon Wong. Senior Business Intelligence & Analytics Manager, Ocean Park Corp.
Mannon is a seasoned research consultant, a strategic planner, a subject matter expert in market science, consumer database and data analytics. He has solid industry experience within leisure and entertainment (theme parks and hotels), telcos and finance sectors.

Roland Leung. Managing Director, Datality Lab.
Roland is a co-founder and managing director for Datality Lab, a research company that explores and applies the latest data science and machine learning algorithms in the context of market research.

Mannon and Roland will present their paper Redefining Active Listening. Integrating consumers’ verbal and non-verbal cues with machine learning. Machine learning is making qualitative concept testing more efficient, more scalable and more objective. The latest cloud computing and machine learning technologies of emotion analytics and text mining can now be applied in the process of qualitative in-depth interviewing. The combination of the two methods help observe nuanced consumer responses that never before were capable of being observed and compared by humans.

The event is open to all Market Researchers and their interested guests. MRSHK members are free of charge; while there will be fee of HK$180 for non-members (fully deductible from membership fees when signing up for the MRSHK membership 2019/20).

The address for this event is:

The Hub
1/F, Fortune Building,
150-158 Lockhart Road.
Wanchai, Hong Kong.
(T) 2151 8888

The reception starts from 6pm and the speaker session commences at 6.30pm.

Please RSVP to Ms. Kathy Tsang (
before Thursday 12th September.